This is a short (13:42) video by Mark Wills  that represents the basics of what it looks like to sit down with a customer at a loan signing. It the process is unfamiliar to you, this will give you a good picture of the notaries role and  what the customer sees. Granted, there is a LOT of “behind the scenes” work, but this video (in my opinion) shows what newbie mobile notaries and in Minnesota, Licensed Closing Agents, are most concerned about. How do I interact with the consumer for the actual signing. Mark give a great example – friendly, knowledgeable and professional  We  will follow with more videos  in  a series  over  the  next  weeks.   (Disclaimer:  I do not know Mark Wills and have no relationship with his tutorials. This is not intended as an endorsement, but simply a good example of a mobile signing.)