I’ve had many questions on the MN Required Closer Pre-License Course, so here are some pointers:

First, if you are involved in notarizing ANY real estate documents in the state of Minnesota, you MUST be licensed. That means Mobile Notaries too.  Because closers have access to much personal information, and often handle enormous amounts of money, the state wants to know WHO you are and WHAT you are doing. This means that they want you to be trained to understand and explain the documents, and not just rubber-stamp signatures. This means they want to know if you have a trust account holding other peoples money. So follow the law and get your license!

Here’s an easy way to get your license. Just take the course, fill out the closing agent application with the state, and we’ll handle the rest.

  • the 8 hour class was designed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce and the requirements are set in Minnesota Statute.
  • The class  is available online 24/7 and you have 120 days to complete it.
  • You do not need to take all 8 hours in one sitting!  Just bookmark your place and return to it when convenient.
  • There is a minimum amount of time that must be spent on each of the 12 sections, but there is no maximum time, so spend as long as you’d like to be sure you understand the material.
  • if you don’t complete a section before the minimum required time and you log out , you will have to repeat that section
  • Each section has a quiz at the end. You must pass each quiz to move on to the next section.
  • the final examination requires a proctor form (someone who says they saw you take the exam without assistance of any kind.)  The proctor cannot be a spouse, relative or boss.  A neighbor, friend or public librarian (there is no charge) works fine
  • the final exam is 100 questions and you need 75% to pass.  You may spend as long as you like on the exam (but you cannot leave your desk during the exam, so the proctor knows you have not used outside materials for any answers.)
  • If you fail the exam, not to worry. Review the material, retake the quizzes and retake the exam (for no extra charge.)
  •  Once you’ve passed the exam and filled out the online Application on the Pusleportal.com website for a closing agent license, we will handle the rest.
  • It’s a great career, flexible hours, helping the public and earning a good living. Closing Agents are in demand, and Mobile Notaries are in great demand!